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Lead customer application development with P1 Project development or P0 serial product modification incompliance with performance objectives (Quality, Cost, Profitability, Delivery, Timing, Flawless production launch)

Ensure P0/P1 Project performance
  • Ensure project objectives in terms of profitability (product and development), quality, cost, timing
  • Check and validate Project Team Members activities and propose timing scenario to achieve milestones
  • Could conduct concept competitions to obtain customer orders (prefer: on case by case…)
  • Secure Project resources and control them
  • Solve all P0/P1 project issues with support of simultaneous engineering functions
Manage functionally and operationally P0/P1 Project Team with function contributors
  • Define and manage his/her budget (P0/P1 all resources)
  • Define scope of projects
  • Prepare project phases reviews at PMC and PVC level
  • Prepare and submit CAA and IAR
  • Is functionally responsible of all PTMs, set project objectives, ensure appraisal of Project Team Members
  • Manages all project changes from customers
  • Report progress development progress to PMC
Manage communication with Clients on Project development progress
  • Keep client(s) updated on his/her Project progress.
Promote VALEO Values, Culture and Standards of the company (Product, Methodology, Tools) within the Project Team he/she is in charge and control their application
  • Respect  Code of ethics of the company
  • Respect health, safety and environment charts and requirements
  • Ensure Project development in compliance with standards and activities defined in CIP & Project Management Handbook
– Engineering degree and knowledge of Product Group (product/process standards)
– Personal skills to manage functional organization
– CIP Company development methodology or similar
– Financial skills about Product cost structure, pay back, …
– Languages: English mandatory
Professional Experience
– Knowledge development knowledge (5/7 years)
– Get successful development experience as P0/P1 Project development (3/5 years)
– Highly appreciated experience in development functions, two at least
To apply, please email your CV and covering letter to: rrhh@lexiaconsultores.com, ref.: 17006



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